As the Swarm company, MicroEnergy International’s (ME) mission is the Bottom-Up Global Energy Transformation through various vehicles: Microenergy Systems, a research oriented think-tank, is leading the scientific discourse with academia across the world; ME Consult, a multidisciplinary team of experts specialized in linking energy inclusion with financial inclusion, supports stakeholders through technical assistance; ME SOLdesign, an engineering lab, designs soft- and hardware to accelerate the Global Energy Transformation through technical innovation; finally, all our initiatives and ideas are brought together into a business incubation and replication process, with ME SOLshare, our first Bangladeshi spin-off, as our flagship.

ME Consult

ME Consult is a department of ME International composed of more than 15 employees. It has strong background in energy engineering, energy economics, microfinance, management and social sciences and has over ten years of experience in more than 30 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. ME Consult is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

ME SOLshare

Founded in 2014 and based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, ME SOLshare Ltd. is an ICT-based social enterprise that provides peer-to-peer solar energy trading platforms and pay-as-you-go solutions to low-income households. SOLshare, the pioneer of the micro-energy transition model, interconnects solar home systems and enables its users to earn a direct income from the sun and through the concept of Swarm Electrification.

ME SOLdesign

ME SOLdesign develops and prototypes energy access technologies, readily adaptable to the local context in which they are to be implemented. A core principle guiding the company’s work is the adherance to open source practices in both software and hardware development.

ME Systems

The Microenergy Systems Research Group (ME Systems) promotes multidiscipliary research in the field of decentralised energy systems. Based at the Technical University of Berlin, the research group brings together actors from diverse fields of study and collaborates with institutions in developing countries.