Exposure Program

As plausible as the idea of rural electrification on the base of renewable energy might seem, the list of real success stories in this area is short. Many of them have been written in Bangladesh. Probably the best known is the one of Grameen Shakti, an enterprise of the Grameen social-business family. With its concept of rural electrification based on microfinanced decentralized energy systems it is considered to be a best-practice example in this area:  until 2014 Grameen Shakti has installed more than one million and a half Solar Home Systems, with over 15.000 new systems being added to this figure every month. With best-practice-examples like this, Bangladesh has to offer a lot of learning potential and insights for players from different sectors. The ME Exposure Program offers its participants the opportunity to learn by the business case Grameen Shakti and develop ideas and strategies for replication.


The program is primarily addressed to:

·         Microfinance Institutions

·         NGOs involved in the field of microfinance

·         Energy Service Companies

·         Development Finance Institutions

·         Impact investors

·         CSR departments


The ME Exposure Program will run from 26th of April to 2nd of May* and it targets managers, practitioners and young professionals from the sectors mentioned above.

The program offers meetings and exchange of experience with the different stakeholders in the field of rural electrification and microfinance, as well as the opportunity to learn directly from users about the impact of solar energy and energy efficiency on households and small business in rural Bangladesh.

Further information can be found in our program brochure.


If you are interested in participating please send a completed form to giulia.corso(at)microenergy-international.com.



Since this is the first edition of 2015, the ME Exposure Program is offered at a reduced price of 1800€ (without flight).


*changes on the program dates might occur



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